Josh expertly handled the sale of our condo. We could not have hoped for a smoother deal — from staging the place to selling it. He managed to make the place look so good we wanted to move back in, and he brought us an offer above our highest expectations. Josh arranged for everyone we needed — from inspectors to a painter and an electrician to a first-rate staging team — to do work on our place. And then he made arrangements for them to come in and do the work. We just sat back and waited for the sale. We have worked with other excellent Realtors. Josh ranks at the top. We would recommend him without reservation.

— Fred M. & Ronnie C.

Josh is an SF insider who is extremely knowledgeable on the market. He spent a couple years educating us as our needs changed over time (our twins were born mid search). At no point did I feel any pressure to transact — everything felt like an education process. He (correctly) advised us not to buy some properties that would not have been a good fit. Ultimately, he got us an off-market look at the house we eventually bought, at what we feel was a good price. And he had us feeling ready and confident to move quickly.

We have worked with brokers in both Manhattan and SF – Josh is the only one I would (and have) recommended to friends and family. He feels like a long term advisor who is aligned to get it right with you so that you will work with him again a 2nd and 3rd time. Zero sales pitch. Always available. Always sounds advice (including, when not to buy).

We purchased our home in a “hot” market, but Josh had us confident and ready to transact, having spent a lot of time educating us. He got us an off-market look in our ideal neighborhood, new the selling broker well, and positioned us to be the winning buyer, We moved quickly and in a thoughtful but user friendly manner, and did not get caught in any unfortunate situations (bidding war, losing out, etc).

During our inspection phase he basically handled the entire process and interfaced with the professionals. After the purchase, we decided to do a full gut renovation and Josh was instrumental in this process — and I can’t emphasize this enough. After the close with nothing left “on the line” for him, he spent many hours helping us find architects, think though plans, etc etc. He is someone who just “gets it” and helps bring all the right resources to bear.

— Vijay and Audrey M.

Josh has a wealth of knowledge about each individual neighborhood throughout the City and has an uncanny ability to interpret important market trends and the overall real estate landscape. Josh was always one step ahead of me in trying to gain all the knowledge we could about a property or a deal. He was both thorough and patient in his communication of his findings with me. Josh also has a vast network of associates who I found to be professional, loyal, and very trustworthy in their respective fields of work. I could trust any of Josh’s recommendations without hesitation. I would recommend Josh to any and everyone I know.

— Michael G.

Josh gets it done. He is confident, knows when he has leverage and when he is vulnerable and takes calculated actions to produce the best outcomes for his clients. We have worked with other realtors in San Francisco and Josh is much better. It’s pretty straightforward: Josh is a strong business person, not just someone who has sold a home before. Our family used Josh on both the buy and the sell side and he brought everything to the table that we needed: Inspectors, lawyers, contractors etc. All added value to the experience and made the transaction very easy and smooth.

— Chris and Jennifer R.

Josh is more competent and smarter than other brokers. (He doesn’t like losing either.) He brought us what will probably always be the best deal of our lives: an off market mixed use building in Russian Hill.

— Ben B.

Josh is the full package: super smart, thoughtful, customer obsessed and will always be there for you as a customer. He understand your needs deeply to tailor the right matches and strategy to converge the process in a timely and effective manner. Josh is our to-go address for anything real-estate and we happily referred many happy customers to him over the years

— Lior R.

Josh very quickly earned our trust through his sharpness, hard work, and his insight about the market and all the details about buying a house. My wife and I were first time buyers so we really appreciated his patience in answering our many questions. We also liked that we could communicate openly and always count on his honest opinion regardless of the situation. Josh supported us very well throughout the process and we’re certain that it was critical to our success in this tough market. While we have not worked directly with other realtors, we learned from our experience with seller’s agents, as well as through stories from several friends who were buying houses at the same time that not all agents are created equally. The stories we heard involving realtor incompetence, pushiness, and impatience were the complete opposite of what we experienced with Josh.

— Kendall L.

Josh is great at knowing what’s happening in the local real estate scene. He found us a fantastic off market opportunity. Being off market, we were a bit worried about an “untested” price, but Josh worked with us to understand relevant comps. Josh is scrappy – in a good way. He finds opportunities and brings them to you proactively. Both are great qualities! I’ve recommended Josh to friends who have bought using him as their agent.

— Seth S.

Josh knows Pacific Heights cold, and was fantastic at finding unique opportunities, and helping me close them efficiently and at the right price. I have done two off market deals with Josh. I would recommend him.

— Brad S.

Josh’s knowledge being a lawyer and broker helps the transaction move smoothly. I have been a buyer and a seller with Josh and many other realtors, but I have never felt as comfortable with any one like I have with Josh. His knowledge of the local real estate market and legal matters associated with it is excellent.

— Ali S.

Josh has a strong understanding of the past and present markets as well as good perspective on future trends. I have worked with other agents and Josh is much more aggressive on outcomes – he helped us lock up a property before it was officially listed, which was the number one reason we were able to secure and close the deal. I have recommended Josh and will continue to.

— Duncan Talento L.

The San Francisco market is extremely competitive so buying properties before they reach the market is very important for my business. Several of the transactions I have done with Josh have been off market deals. I have worked with other realtors and I was a Californian licensed realtor for 6 years. Josh prides him self on hard work, details, and client support. From my experience, he excels in all areas.

— Sam M.

Josh is plugged into the SF market as a whole and many of the micro markets. His knowledge across property types allows him to offer insights and evaluate properties from multiple perspectives. Josh is completely committed to his clients and is a thoughtful, good negotiator. Josh has gotten multiple successful outcomes for me and I recommend him to whoever asks.

— Brandon & Kenneth K.

Josh knows the San Francisco market like the back of his hand, to the point where he can compare various streets of the same neighborhood. He also has a good ability to guess what is likely to happen in that neighborhood in future. Josh gives straightforward information and lets you come to your own decision. He does not push the buyer too much, and this gives the buyer much more comfort while working with him. He got me a property while I was abroad, and it was due to Josh that the seller sold this property to us while we were not the top bid among 10+ bids. I am confident that I would not have been able to purchase the property without Josh.

— Burak G.

We were complete novices in the SF market as we moved recently from NY and have mainly lived in the Peninsula the last couple of years. Not only did Josh help us with our purchase but he took the time to sit with us with a large map of SF and show us all the various neighborhoods and even drove us around to educate us. He was quite upfront about the advantages and potential pitfalls of each area. We found Josh to be very personable, never rushed, and caring about us getting the appropriate home for our daughter. Every new home purchase requires some finishing touches and even ours, which was new construction, needed a bit of TLC to get it to our daughter’s liking. Josh made great referrals to get our projects done well and reasonably.

— Edward Z.

As a developer in San Francisco, I appreciate Josh’s keen sense for development potential. His knowledge of the complex codes and regulations surrounding the San Francisco planning department sets him apart from other agents in the city. He has been an integral part of the success of my projects, servicing both the buy and sell side in each instance. Unlike other realtors, I know that Josh will always give me his honest opinion. He is not there to sell me anything. He is there to guide me and help me make the best decisions possible.

— Natasha J.

Josh is a one of a kind agent. My husband and I had differing opinions on purchasing a “project” or a turn-key home but knew the neighborhood we wanted to be in. That specific neighborhood does not have much turnover and Josh used his connections to find us options. He previewed homes for us in advance and was open and honest about the drawbacks of each opportunity. In our inspection phase, he assembled top notch architects and contractors so we could see “outside the box”. Because of this level of detail and creativity we were able to find our “forever home” which we would have previously overlooked. Moreover, Josh is a savvy negotiator and we able to purchase our property for $1M less than the original asking price to offset our construction costs.

— Christina and Basil A.

Josh’s professional grasp of the marketplace gave us confidence and he explained rigorously the forces which would determine how and when we should sell our house. After nearly a quarter century in our house we had little appreciation for the difficulties of the steps we needed to take to be ready to sell. He gently encouraged us and we undertook the arduous process. Without his advice and prodding as we reached the point of serious selling efforts, we would not have made the schedule required. As we took those steps over several months, he showed our home carefully and developed an uncanny focus on the desires of many interested buyers.
Trust is an important element of getting quickly to an agreement. Suspicion can draw out negotiations. Josh’s smiles are genuine, and his precise use of words puts everyone at ease. He does not make improbable assertions nor is he ever demanding or assertive. Reason reigns. When he arranged the sale of our house it was less than a week from the first showing to the opening of escrow. His pricing analysis struck both buyers and sellers as correct. He read both parties accurately and we did not waste time.

— Mary Beth & Bob S.

Josh!!! Simply the best. Always available at the touch of a text or email Josh was open and honest about his thoughts on each property we looked at, which made the process comfortable and easy. We almost put an offer on a place out of fear of losing in the race to find something and he encouraged us to hang tight and promised to deliver something we’d absolutely love. Shortly thereafter, he brought us an opportunity before the first open houses and moved fast. Now we’re in the home of our dreams, in a neighborhood we adore. Thank you Josh! Can’t wait to work with you again.

— Brittany B. and Jamal B.W.